Thoughts on Tron

Saturday, April 20th, 2013 16:16
[personal profile] kpreid

Tron was one of my childhood favorite movies.

Before I watched Tron: Legacy, I reminded myself to not critique it overly harshly compared to the original — after all, there had been the grid bug scene. (Which, if you don’t happen to recall, introduces grid bugs, without any relationship to the rest of the action, which then never appear again.)

Then they had to throw a bunch of philosophical blather in the middle, which I could only think of at the time as “let’s be all profound like The Matrix”.

But, I was just thinking about that, and the closing scene where the very last of the [SPOILER] is going out and about and [SPOILER], and the early scene in Tron in the laser lab (“Not disintegrating — digitizing!”), and:

Imagine an alternate universe (it can’t happen here, they went too long without) where a key scene goes like this:

MENTOR FIGURE: Remember, that which can be digitized, can be copied.

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