You probably already know about this if you're interested, but SparkFun Electronics will be having, on January 7, a “Free Day” on which you can order up to $100 and pay only shipping (plus any amount over $100). Shipping, to my location by the cheap options, was shown as ~$10 (thus “91% off”, not considering tax).

(I have no affiliation with, and have not ordered anything from, SparkFun Electronics; this is just some info that showed up in my feed reader. As far as I’ve heard they’re good folks.)

SparkFun’s product line is somewhat oriented towards the hip electronics hobbyist, the sort of stuff that Make talks about: Arduino, text and graphic LCDs, blinky light kits, wireless stuff (serial links, GPS, Bluetooth), robots, sensors, breakout boards/modules for surface mount components. Many of these items are high priced, but they have notable cheap stuff too; when I heard about this sale yesterday my first-cut list of 11 interesting items only totaled $62.